We donated $1,663 to Mondell Avril's fundraiser to purchase a Bubble CPAP Machine which will increase the survival rate of premature babies in Grenada.


At the end of August 2014 Mondell successfully purchased and brought over a Bubble CPAP Machine to Grenada. Congratulations Mondell! Check out her gofundme page for more details of her journey.


On the left: Zach and Mondell, Middle: Bubble CPAP Machine, Right: Zach, Dr Antoine and Mondell


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For some babies, premature infants in particular, breathing is not as easy due to lung immaturity. It takes lots of effort and they often need help to breath effectively. If they do not get this help, respiratory distress can be the reason for their demise. However, there is a device called the bubble continuous positive airway pressure (bubble CPAP) system that is cost effective, easy to maintain and can help these infants breath effectively consequently helping to reduce neonatal mortality due to respiratory distress.


This grand venture became a reality when Mondell's sister went into preterm labor and was told in Grenada that if her son was born at 29 weeks he had a 50/50 chance of survival primarily due to the lack of resources such as CPAP, ventilators, and surfactant. She was in shock and awe and decided to do something about it! This solution will be a great start.