A huge thank you to everyone that came and volunteered at our 5th Annual Harvest Fest! We were able to raise $7,425 for Mandy's Mark! Below are the winners of the night:


50/50 - Tim Malloy (Donated back to the family)
Mystery Box - Daniella Hernandez
Jets Basket - Christine D’Angelo
Kate Spade Clutch - Barbara Coppola

Disney Park Hopper - Helen Cannizzaro


Wine Glasses Christine D’Angelo Salon Eden Toni
Baking Basket Laurie Maroni Game Basket Paul Chandler
Sweet Gourmet Janet Calabrese Snowman Basket Sheila Reagan
Boys Toys

Paul Cockren

Medical Books Sam
Everything Pumpkin Brittany Guastella Sundae Basket Nadia Sooku
Pizza/Wine Glenn Terry Tailgate Erin Shaw
Comfort Time Shea Bergesen Birthday Basket Nadia Sooku
Waffle Maker Tim Malloy LI Hoops Brett Mauser
Jewlery Meghan Collier Pizza/Wine Stacy
Vince Camuto Basket Beth Cohen Foreign Foods Joe Kenny
Chicago Tickets Bob Alberto Buteras/Movie Charlie Jean
Fall Harvest Diane Dillman Wine Treats Meghan Collier
Pizza/Wine Paul Chandler Pumpkin Beer Joe Kenny
Glass Creations Diane Beltrani Christmas Basket Rosemary
DVD Red Box Rentals Regina Campson Empire Pass Tracy Greene
Fitness Basket Pam Rall Avon Barbara O’Shaunessy
Pizza/Wine Julianna Ice Cream Basket Amanda Kuhlmeier
Tanger GC Bridget Simovich Pedicure Basket Carol
Cactus Salon Bernadette Faruggio Lottery Matt Ruddick
Monster High Dolls Paul Chandler Cold Hard Cash Paul Chandler
Saf-T-Swim Helen Cannizzaro Gift Certificates Meghan
Kindle Fire Shea Bergesen Buteras/Movie Isa V
Keurig Angela Kuhlmeier Beauty Basket Chris Weiler
Christmas Basket Connie Scharff Pet Basket Susan O’Dell
Cupcake Basket Cathy Ruddick Emergency Basket Nancy Muscarella
Pasta Basket Renee Diano Socks Tami Vecchio
Bit of Everything


Movie Night Ken Wiley
Avon Stella Conwell Car Wash Karen Bell
Kahula Janet Calabrese Medical Books Veronica
Popcorn Basket Christine Gentile Vince Camuto Bag Gary Coppola
Barbie Basket Cate Simovich Vince Camuto Bag

Johanna (Madeline’s Mom)

GIft of Choice Tracy Greene Home Decor Casey Borowy
Cactus Bernadette Faruggio Day Off Connie Scharff
Blondies Mum Margaret Malloy Irish Basket Erin Shaw
Wrapping Paper Tami Vecchio Floral/Gift Card Assortment Gary Coppola
Crock Pot Brittany Guastella    


All of the proceeds from this event will go to Amanda. Amanda was diagnosed on 6/6/15 with DIPG, the most aggressive & difficult pediatric brain tumor to treat. If you would like to learn more about Amanda there was a facebook page created called Mandy's Mark to provide updates about her journey.

Here is a recent post from the family:


"The new toys that have never been played with and the clothes that sit in her closet, with the tags still on them, always trigger me. They trigger a breakdown. Every. Single. Time. I tried to figure out why and realize it’s because they all symbolize the future…a future we don’t get. No first time at summer camp. No more first days of school. No first kiss. No first love. No first heartbreak. No first job. No graduations. No wedding. No children. Not that any of this is guaranteed to any of us at any point. But just like with Ben, from the moment I became Mandy’s mom, I couldn’t help but think about the future…her future. And it makes me mad. It makes me so mad! It’s not fair that she doesn’t get to do all these things.


I hate this. I absolutely hate this. I hate missing her while she lays on the couch next to me. I hate being sad. I hate living on this edge...wondering when. We were supposed to have more time. We were supposed to have at least 9 months - not 7 weeks! That’s all it was: 7 weeks after diagnosis. Mandy was speaking, eating, and laughing. She was a mostly normal 4 year old for only 7 weeks before the tumor robbed these parts of her from us again. July 11th was the first time she spoke after her major tumor progression on June 15th. And August 31st was the last time I heard her speak...I can’t even remember what she said. It didn’t seem important at the time.


I haven’t seen anything more than a blank, glazed-over look in her eyes since that day. I miss my little girl. I feel guilty and selfish because she’s still here yet I miss her. Sadly, I know there are parents out there who would give anything to be in my place right now...because I can still kiss her cheeks, hug her tight, snuggle up next to her, smell her hair, hold her hand, rub her head, hear her heartbeat...


Before diagnosis, I used to look at Mandy, knowing she was my youngest, and say things like, “Stop growing!” and “Can you stay this little forever?!” I would wish to myself that I could freeze time right then and there and soak up every moment of her at that age. Now sometimes I wonder if, in some cruel way, I'm getting my wish."