Thank you everyone for a great night! We had an amazing turn out!! We were able to raise $2,897 for Hailey!


All proceeds will go to the Catalano family. Hailey Catalano has a rare adrenal condition called CAH. Please read her story below.


"Hailey Jane Catalano was born on April 14th 2015 and she is truly my greatest blessing! When I first found out I was pregnant I was over the moon with excitement. I was also a bundle of nerves because I knew that this baby was already going to be brought into an unusual situation. Hailey's daddy has a TBI and we have been through our fair share of hospitals already. Never in a million years did I think we were about to relive that experience with our baby!


When Hailey was born we found out that she has a rare adrenal condition called CAH. She spent the first half of her life in and out of the NICU as they tried to stabilize her condition. The first few months all I wanted to do was get the IV out of my babies bruised hand and beg the doctors to stop sticking her with more needles. Each day blended into the next and all I kept hearing was, Failure to thrive... Her levels skyrocketed over night or her levels dropped too low... Endo, Gastro and every other doctor with an 'o' that we needed to see... Eventually, we met all the specialists we needed to meet, she had every test possible and she was discharged with a whole bunch of medications. Hailey will remain on most of those meds for the rest of her life and she also needs to have surgery in the next month or so. We found a specialist that treats pretty much all CAH babies in NY so we will be heading to the city soon and it's back to the hospital we go. Through it all my little chippy has been a constant source of joy and sunshine in my life. When I wake up every morning I look at that beautiful little miracle and that is what gets me through each day.


When Hailey was born she was covered under my insurance but the minute I was discharged she was no longer covered. I had set up her health insurance in advance but it didn't kick in until May 1st. Little did I know that my baby wouldn't be coming home with me and that she would have a two week gap of no insurance. The social worker would inform us of each test that wasn't covered but with every procedure and each passing day... I had no choice but to have my little fighter stay in the NICU so she could get the help she needed. When we got home the bills started piling up. I made a million calls and wrote a million letters but there was no way around the medical debt we racked up. I feel sickened that my little angel has gone through so much already and money is the last thing I want to be worrying about. If I don't pay this debt they will start to garnish my wages and I will no longer be able to meet all of my financial monthly obligations. My current monthly income provides us with just enough to get by. My husbands TBI has put him in a wheelchair so he is unable to work. So I am the sole financial provider for our little family of three. I have spent my life trying to be there in every aspect for my family whether it be financially or to build my family up and keep it going. I do not like to ask for help and I have tried so hard to do everything on my own. Unfortunately, I can't do this alone.


I want to thank everyone in my life for the incredible support they have given me, my husband and our precious little girl! We have overcome so much and we hope to oneday rid ourselves of this steep financial dark cloud that seems to be looming over our heads. Any contribution will help us enormously! Our goal is to pay off this medical debt and try to focus our energies on helping Hailey heal after her surgery and providing her with all the love we have to give!


Life is a precious gift and we count our blessings each and every day! Hailey Jane Catalano may be one expensive baby but she is also one strong, sweet, adorable and courageous baby! Hailey Jane is our world and its one amazing world!"