Thank you to everyone that participated in the Comedy Night. We were able to raise over $1,700 for the Bjorklund Family! And congratulations to the winners of the raffles:


Manicure - Friend of the Bjorklund Family
Tea - Dennis (Chris Coppola's friend)
Green Cactus - Matt (Kelly Bergesen's boyfriend)
Booze - Beth Cohen
Baking - Liz Hamrak
Cake pops - Dennis (Chris Coppola's friend)
Wine - Kim (Tami Vecchio's sister)
Cash - Mike Greene
Toys - Tina Christiansen
50/50 - Friend of the Bjorklund Family


Click here for photos from the night.


This year a portion of the proceeds of Comedy Night will be going to the Bjorklund Family. Eric Bjorklund was diagnosed with CJD (Cretzfelt-Jacrrob disease) 3.5 years ago. CJD is a Prion disease that eats away at the brain.  It is fatal and has no cure. Usually the duration of the disease lasts between 6 months to 18 months.  The progression of Eric's disease is much slower and his prognosis is living between 5 to 8 years with the disease. Eric currently has lost about 70 percent of functioning in the portion of his brain that controls mood, judgement, and emotions.  He has lost about 80 percent of his short term memory and about 30 percent of his motor function.  He suffers from extreme muscle cramping and tremors. There is no treatment or cure for this disease.

Before Eric became ill he was an Autism consultant for Suffolk County and worked for Metro Therapy.  Eric and his wife have 2 children.

Since Eric became ill the family had to empty their savings accounts and retirement accounts as well as their children college funds to stay afloat. They want to be able to keep Eric at home as long as possible for the families sake.