All the proceeds of Comedy Night will be going to Joseph Becker. Joseph Becker, 40 years old with two children 7 and 10 years old has been fighting Melanoma (brain tumor) for almost two years.


Joseph was diagnosed with stage 3B Melanoma in December of 2011. Before his diagnosis he was a hard worker and owned his own construction business and his wife Jessica Love was a stay at home Mom taking care of the children.


In January 2012 he underwent surgery to remove cancer from his left side of his face and two Lymph Nodes on his left side of his neck. He also needed skin graphing where the doctors took skin from his shoulder area. It was a long recovery, but he did not stop fighting. Once recovered from the surgery it was time to start the Chemo treatments, which were 5 days a week. The Chemo he was on was called Interferon, which is a very strong chemo. The Chemo took a toll on Joseph.


By October 2012 he was completely finished with his Chemo and his Pet scans and MRI’s were clean.


March 15, 2013, Joseph's family was told that a brain surgeon had been called because Joe had a large mass on the left side of his brain that bled out and his brain was swelling.  The doctors needed to operate and remove the mass immediately, and drain the fluid. The surgery lasted 6 hours and after 12 hours they started to wake Joseph up.  The doctors were unsure of how the brain surgery was going to affect Joe in the long term.  They were only able to remove 95% of the cancer.  The Biopsy confirmed that the Melanoma has metastasized to the brain.  He lost some sight in his left eye, and his speech and thinking process has been affected. Fortunately, he has regained his short term memory after a few weeks after the surgery.  He was told he could no longer drive or work. He was put on a Chemo pill called Zelboraf and had 10 doses of radiation on his brain in hopes to shrink the 5% remaining on his brain. According to the Doctor and statistics people with Metastasized Melanoma to the brain, are given 6 months to a year and a half to live.

Recently Joseph received the results of his last brain scan and it has shown that the cancer has grown and his brain was once again beginning to swell, once again another setback. His Oncologist increased his medication and put him back on a high dose of steroids - radiation is no longer an option. The increased medication and steroids are taking a toll, but he continues to fight.